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Mussoorie Tourism Guide

Phooldeyi or Phooldeli (date of celebrations near approx.14th March),
Phooldeyi festival of Mussoorie is celebrated either in the month of March or april. On this occasion all the young girls keep the first flower of the season on the entrance gate of the houses. As per this custom it brings good luck to the house. It shows the how society are closely bonded and connected in the mount of Kumaon as no persons will puts these flowers in front of their own houses unaccompanied.

Bikhauti Festival of Mussoorie(date of celebrations near approx.14th april),
On the first day of the navaratris in the month of Chaitra, here all women sow the seven types of the grains. And the germination of these grains is the symbol of the future harvest. And after the navaratra On the tenth day, the yellow colour leaves, which are famous by the name of Harela, are cuted down and they put them on their heads and put them behind their ears. Through this month of Chaitra (March and April) on this occasions brothers send gifts for their sisters. These presents are famous by the name of ‘Bikhauti’

Hariyala (date of celebrations near approx 16th July),
this festival is Celebrated in the month of Shravan (July and august), the month of festivals, to remember the wedding of Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati, this carnival is as well connected with the influx of the rainy season and the new crop. On this day statues of the lord shiva Parvati, Ganesh etc made by the clay and then they do the worship of there. Here banal bullocks find a uncommon a rest on the time of Harela.

Gheeya Sankranti or Olgia (date of celebrations near approx 16th Aug),
this festival is celebrated on the first day of Bhado (in the middle of August), when the harvest is luxuriant and green, all the vegetables are in great quantity and the mulch animals are very helpful. In the old days all the sons-in-law and nephews use to give presents to fathers-in-law and maternal uncles, respectively, for the celebration of the Olgia. But nowadays agriculturists and artisans give gifts to the landlord of their land and they get their tools and their gifts and money as a return gift. There are the name of the few gifts which are used as the return gift they are as Binai (oral harp), datkhocha (metallic tooth pick), metal calipers, axes, ghee, vegetables and firewood etc. on this day People locate ghee on their foreheads and they eat ghee and chapatis which is stuffed with the 'urad' dal. It is believed that after this festival the walnuts become sweeten. But now this festival very rarely celebrated.

Uttarani or Kale Kaua (date of celebrations near approx 14 January),
this festival is celebrated so many areas such as Nainital, Bageshwar, Rameshwar, Salt Mahadev, Chitrashila (Ranibagh), Pancheshwar among others on the auspicious day of Uttarayani. On this festival The Dola of Chaumu is taking down to the temple at Pancheshwar. The festival had a great place in these state Uttarakhand, in general, and Kumaon.

Basant Panchami,
Samvastar Pareva this festival is Celebrated to remember the upcoming of the spring season and, also, for the ending of the winter, Basant Panchmi is celebrated in the month of januay or February. On this day People worship Goddess Saraswati, they use yellow clothes or handkerchiefs and, also put the yellow tilak on their foreheads. With this festival the extremely popular holi bathes also start.

autumn festival is the major festival of the Mussoorie. This festival is celebrated with great passion. The celebration of this festival is nearly 10 days. The Municipal Board is the organizer of this festival. And it hounored by the famous guests such as the Chief Minister, Governor and other ministers also. The highlighter of this event are roller skating shows, fireworks, theatre plays, sporting events etc.

here the Summer festival is famous for the educational knowledge in the figure of cultural actions and extra connected programs also.The festival is popular for the so many different events they are as seminars and debates, cultural parades and other entertaining programms like drawing competition, folk dance performances, game shows, magic shows etc. Nagar Palika Parishad of the Mussoorie is the organizer of this festival and all these programmes are judge by the reputed scholars from the particular fields.

The Bhadraj Fair which is celebrated in the month of the august. And on this fair so many visitors came to this place. This festival is organized by the Bhadraj temple. This fair is very popular among the visitors.